TLC Connects Social App

Do you want to start your relationships on the right footing?
Will you like to know other singles beyond their profile photos and looks?
Are you worried about your safety and scams when you date online?

TLC Connects was created as a social app rather than a dating app because we firmly believe the right way to support singles is to provide them with a strong community of genuine friends, regardless of their gender.

Meet like-minded friends through our regular events, connect with fellow foodies who share your love for cooking, or discuss the latest EPL news with another football fanatic! Similar to the Meetup platform, you can see the bio and News Feed of all our members, both ladies, and gentlemen.

Be rid of awkward first dates, unrealistic expectations, and having to put on a fake front. Let’s start connecting on the right footing – as friends. Then let the universe work its magic on those connections and let them blossom into either romantic relationships, fulfilling friendships, or simply hobby mates that you enjoyed hanging out with.

At TLC, we want to focus on building the singles community and redefining the dating scene in Singapore. Hence, we are offering free access to our platform for the first 500 subscribers. All we ask is that you be respectful to other members, authentic, and keep the community vibrant!