We promote genuine connections between members by helping members to build authentic profiles and make dating process fun through online games and challenges. To build a safe & supportive community, we offer background and identity checks services
Members can sign up for workshops and activities planned by our professional partners, such as dance instructors, training consultants, and wellness coaches. To make our community vibrant, we even allow our members to register as event organisers.
Members have access to articles and videos on dating and relationships, and services provided by our life coaches, professional counselors and trainers. Through our unique compatibility analysis, we help members build meaningful connection with others.


True Love Compass

Through True Love Compass Connects, you can easily build meaningful connections with others based on common interests, establish meaningful relationships organically through gamified interactions, and maybe find your special someone.

Unlike typical dating apps, our platform focuses on promoting genuine interactions and building an authentic, loving community. Below are some interesting features and services you will find on our platform. Let’s make dating fun again!


Share with the community your world view of love and relationships.

You can also leverage our curated profiling tools to discover more about yourself, share your insights, and form meaningful connections based on common traits and values, which are key ingredients to a lasting and fulfilling relationship!


Be a member to join events planned by our community or learn how to host your own event!

To make our community more vibrant, we give our members the autonomy to organise small-scale events


To help our members navigate the sea of information on dating advice, we have painstakingly curated some of the best online videos, articles, and resources.

Besides learning from experts, members can also benefit from the collective wisdom of the community. We envision TLC Connects to be a safe place for members to share their experiences and connect with others


Our professional counsellors and trainers are here to support you in the journey of self-discovery and growth. We want you to be the best version of yourself!

How Is TLC Connects Different?

TLC Connects is a social platform that allows members to interact and form genuine connections with each other organically. It is neither a hook-up platform nor a traditional dating agency. Instead, it seeks to bring together the best of both models.

Beside social interactions, the platform allows us to offer services from our service partners, such as restaurant owners, event organisers, trainers, and merchandisers to our members. Below service model diagram says it all!

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