Profile & Marital Status Verification

To protect our members and build trust within this community, TLC offers profile and marital status verification at a nominal fee of S$15 for Standard Plan members. Subsequently, re-verification will be done every 6 months at a fee of S$8.

The profile and marital status verification services are included in the subscription for Premium members.

Members whose profile and marital status have been validated by TLC can be identified by the “Verified Profile” badge and the “Verified Single” badge respectively. Obtaining these badges is not mandatory but will certainly signal to other singles in the community that your profile is genuine.

Please note that only Singapore residents are eligible to apply for profile verification service, while only SingPass holders are eligible to apply for marital status verification service.

Verified Profile Badge
Verified Single Badge

Verifications conducted by TLC include:

  1. Identity checks against NRIC, passport or identity document
  2. Verification of date of birth and age
  3. Profile photo verification
  4. Marital status checks (only SingPass holders are eligible)

In order for True Love Compass to perform such verification, you will need to provide us with a few documents below.

1. Profile photo you intend to use on your profile page avatar. Your face must not be covered by your hair or any head accessories, such as sunglasses, face musk, etc. You may make a post or an expression, but your face must take up at least a third of photo’s height.

2. Screenshot of NRIC, passport or identity document issued by Singapore authority (such as work permit, etc.). For members who have access to SingPass, screenshot can be easily retrieved as follow.

Log onto SingPass app->Profile->Open NRIC->Show Details->Save down screenshot

3. Marital Status screenshot. Only applicable for SingPass holders.

Log onto SingPass app->Profile->Family->Save down screenshot